Pharmaceutics department is composed of well qualified and experienced faculty to train the students with utmost care and dedication. The post-grad students are encouraged to design their research projects on particle engineering techniques; collagen and polymer based drug delivery systems. The graduate students thoroughly undergo critical class-room teaching and learning activities during their initial years of study whereas brisk and intensive training is provided at their higher levels of study with hands-on experience on lyophilizer, stability chamber and diffusion-cell. The Pharmaceutics department provides a platform for more interactive sessions between staff and students.

In practice, tutorial sessions are highly organized apart from class-room and laboratory demonstrations. The department is keen to progress on designing of novel Nano and Controlled drug delivery systems for both academic and commercial purpose. Department of Pharmaceutics is a major component of the organization and committed towards achieving excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research. Our mission is to provide quality education which not only provide information on various facets of Pharmaceutics and Product Development but insist to transform the information into knowledge through theoretical and practical training to our students. We are committed to the mission of making our students as trained formulation and product design professional who would be capable to put the generated knowledge into use. For the purpose Academia Industry Interaction is our policy and continuously we are nurturing it by emphasizing our students to work on industry defined research projects. Qualified faculty of the department with the necessary infrastructure to support efficient teaching learning process and research is committed to achieve the goals of the department and the organization. Currently we are offering Pharmacy undergraduate course along with M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutics.

List of Equipments

  • All purpose equipment with all accessories
  • Ampoule filling and sealing machine
  • Ampoule washing machine
  • Analytical Balances (high sensitivity)
  • Andreason’s Pipette
  • Aseptic Cabinet
  • Autoclave
  • Ball mil
  • BOD Incubator
  • Bottle Sealing Machine
  • Bottle washing Machine
  • Brookfield’s viscometer
  • Bulk Density Apparatus
  • Capsule filling machine
  • Clarity test apparatus Collapsible tube crimping machine
  • Digital pH meter
  • Digital Vernier calliper
  • Double cone blender
  • Friability test apparatus
  • Homogenizer
  • Hot Plate
  • Liquid Filling Machine
  • Magnetic stirrer with hot plate
  • Mechanical stirrers
  • Microscopes with Stage and eye piece micrometers
  • Monsanto’s hardness tester
  • Ointment filling machine
  • Permeability cups
  • Pfizer type hardness tester
  • Propeller type mechanical agitator
  • Rotary Tablet punching machine (10 Station Combo Tool, B, D & BB)
  • Sieve shaker with sieve set
  • Speed control
  • Stalagmometer
  • Standard sieves, sieve no. 8, 10, 12,22,24, 44,66, 80
  • Steam distillation still
  • Suppository & Lipstick moulds
  • Tablet coating pan
  • Tablet disintegration test apparatus IP
  • Tablet dissolution test apparatus (6 stage)
  • Tablet dissolution test apparatus (8 stage)
  • Tray dryer
  • Vacuum Pump



The graduate training program in the Department of Pharmacology consists of aspect of mastery by the student of the fundamentals of pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, signal transduction, toxicology and physiology. These fundamentals are taught at the graduate level through formal courses, seminars and journal clubs and countless conversations at the lab bench. The other aspect is the development of the communication skills that are essential for a successful career in research. .

Students in our program present seminars, and write scientific papers. Finally, and most importantly, the third aspect of the program is the development of research skills. The department offers its expertise to B.Pharm. The development of certificate course in SAS is in the pipeline to set up another milestone. The infrastructure and facilities of the department are sufficient to cater the need of institute’s various departments as well as for sponsored and future prospective research projects concerned with preclinical research and animal experimentation. Pharmacology department is equipped with CPCSEA approved Animal house facility.


The pharmaceutical chemistry laboratories are meant to inculcate the chemical aspects of drug molecules starting from the basic organic chemistry to drug design and synthesis of newer drugs. Students are trained to identify and extract newer chemicals and toxins from natural sources. Students are taught to determine the extent of purity of raw materials and drugs in pharmaceutical dosage forms by using highly sophisticated instruments. Pharmaceutical chemistry department deals with the synthesis and drug design of new drug molecules which can be used further by drug researchers for their commercial utilization by the pharmaceutical industries..

The highly qualified faculty members of this department are having expertise and competency in latest tools of teaching methodology and research publications to provide better understanding of fundamental concepts of various subjects related to pharmaceutical chemistry. Besides running B. Pharmacy course since 2004, M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry was also started in 2010. The eminent faculty members and research students have been able to publish 10 research papers in various reputed journals in a very short span of one year which shows the dedication and research potential of this department.


Department of Pharmacognosy at Shiva Institute of Pharmacy is involved in teaching & research in the field of discovery and development of herbal drugs, phytopharmaceuticals products; quality control and analysis of principal component/markers and fingerprinting; enhanced in-vitro production of secondary metabolites using plant tissue culture and fermentation technologies; studies on herbal cosmetics, immune-modulatory, anti-obesity and anti-diabetic medicinal plants as well as screening of new drug molecules, standardized herbal drugs extracts for their bioactivities. The laboratories are equipped with instruments and equipments to carry out research and concerned activities like extraction, characterization and standardization of herbal drugs and formulations.

Department is maintaining an herbal garden in which a number of plant species of medical and pharmaceutical significance are being nurtured to make students acquainted with this important segment of Pharmacognostical research and development. The Shiva Institute of Pharmacy offers a two-year full-time post graduate M. Pharm. program in Pharmacognosy from 2021 onwards.